Radio Frequency System

• Ultra lifting function
• Wrinkle treatment
• Mega toning treatment
•Eleminates Bags under eyes,
• Double chin
• Anti-cellulite
• Post liposuction for skin tightening
• Breast firming treatment

18"L x 13.5"D x 8"H
(20 lbs)

Enhances blood circulation, metabolism, collagen and lymphatic circulation, removes cellulite. Electromagnetic waves are reflected from the border of epidermis-dermis layer (1st reflection) and dermis-subcutaneous layer (2nd reflection). These reflections induce artificial scaring and there are collagen synthesis for scar recovery. These collagen synthesis effects are utilized for anti- wrinkle treatment. Anti-wrinkle and skin regeneration: Blood circulation is promoted according to face muscles relaxing and saggy cheek are raised up due to the RF stimulation of dermis collagen layer.

Fleck improve and whitening: Oxygen supply, toxic wastes emission, melanin dissolve and excretion inhibition Acne: Sebum excretion control, Keratin remove, Skin regeneration.

Face Contraction: Muscle relaxation, Fat dissolution, Elasticity enhancement.
Obesity Treatment: Fat tissue dissolve and burn out.
Back: reduces Stress and helps in muscle relaxation.
Breast: firming and improving breast elasticity.
Abdomen: Activated diaeresis and visceral fat dissolution.
Lower Body: Relaxation of joint ligament,toxin waste emmision and dissolve of fat cellulite.

Regular Price: $4,999.00

Special Price: $2,999.00