Micro Needle for Rejuvenation

Comes 0.5mm or 0.25mm

Micro-needle therapy. This treatment can effectively increase the penetration capacity of nutrients through the epidermis and dermis of skin cells. It is a new miracle skincare technology for it's nutrient delivery method. The micro-needle therapy can stimulate dermal wound healing ability, thereby stimulating the skin and ossein proliferation. It makes the skin epidermis proliferate about 8%, and its effects can be comparable to the laser and stuffed cosmetic surgery with no side effects. Safe and reliable, is the best choice for anti-aging treatment.

Micro-needle therapy has the advantages of "safety, reliability and multi-function capabilities". It can be used for beauty, body slimming, hair regeneration etc. It has come to be the preferred method of skin anti-aging.

Roll back and forth 4-5 times orderly and keep equally in speed and pressure to create more micro vessels.

Move the roller four times at least in four directions (where need be), horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, right and left.

Use 75% of medical alcohol, or ultraviolet to disinfect for 45 minutes.

DO NOT USE AUTOCLAVES, STEAM OR HIGH TEMPERATURE METHOD TO DISINFECT THE DEVICE Do Not Use on Irritated Skin, Skin w/ Fungus, Acne, Rosacea Do Not share the roller with other persons

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