Portable Mini Skin Scrubber


Powerful Portable mini exfoliation tool for every professional esthetician
Supersonic skin scrubber applies powerful supersonic frequencies of up to 28,000 vibrations per second to super clean the skin and send revitalizing waves deep below the skin’s surface. Uses ultrasonic frequency waves to soften and expand pores during treatment while removing any impurities from the skin. Versatile blade can be used in the "up" position for product penetration and massage and the "down" position for cleansing and exfoliation.
3 mode functionality
-Peeling and Cleansing
-Product penetration or nutritional mode
-Lifting mode
Input: 1-3MHZ
Brand New and Full One year warranty

Benefits: Cleansing, Reduces Aging,
Smoothes Wrinkles, Helps to reduce Acne

Portable Mini Skin Scrubber

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